Gauze Dressing Kit with Port

Product Details

10 Each per Case

Ref A4-D00SP A4-D00MP A4-D00LP
Size Small Medium Large
Gauze Size Height:17.15cm/6.7in
Port 1 1 1
Film 1 2 2
Gauze 1 1 1
Oil Emulsion Contact Layer 1 2 2
Skin Barrier Wipe 1 1 1

The Antimicrobial Gauze Dressing contains PHMB (Polyhexamethylene Biguanide), which acts as a highly effective antiseptic against most organisms, limiting cross-contamination from patient to patient, patient to clinician, and patient to the environment. PHMB resists bacterial colonization within the dressing and reduces bacterial penetration through the dressing. Broad-spectrum effectiveness provides protection against gram negative, gram positive, and fungi/yeast microorganisms including MRSA and VRE, thus reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections. The Antimicrobial Dressings provide a primary bacterial barrier by working as a contact kill and maintaining log counts in the wound without negative impact to wound healing. The secondary layer limits cross-contamination by significantly reducing bacterial growth in the pooling layer.

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