Green Foam

Genadyne Green Foam


The visual impact of the Genadyne Green Foam is undeniable. Green was chosen to allow clinicians to better differentiate between viable and nonviable tissue in the wound bed. The color contrast increases differentiation with the wound bed.

  • Genadyne Green Foam is a fully reticulated polyurethane foam made with polyether resin to allow better hydrolytic stability. The design increases performance under pressure and in moist environments.
  • The Duodecahedron cell structure gives a three-dimensional skeletal strand to the cells providing enhanced filtering qualities and increasing the removal of exudate and infectious materials. This cell structure also increases tensile strength to prevent fraying. Fraying is significantly reduced, preventing stray pieces from being left in the wound bed.
  • The combination of cell structure and composition gives the foam a non-adherent property, allowing for easier removal during dressing changes, thereby reducing pain and discomfort.
  • The foam creates direct contact with the wound bed, allowing for even distribution of pressure. This assists in reducing edema and promotes tissue perfusion and granulation.
Properties  Benefits
Fully reticulated polyerethane foam Increased hydrolitic stability
Polyether resin Increased tensile strength
Pore Size Boosts performance under pressure
Duodechadron cell structure / 3 dimensional skeletal strands Enhanced filtering qualities
Increased tensile strength
Reduced risk of fraying
Non-adherent properties
Reduced discomfort during dressing change
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