XLR8 & XLR8 Plus

Accelerated healing with maximum comfort

XLR8 & XLR8 Plus
Advance Features
  • The XLR8/ XLR8+’s advanced variable pressure capabilities allow different negative pressures to be used without the downsides of intermittent therapy.
  • By maintaining negative pressure throughout the cycle, the pump avoids losing an airtight seal or displacing the dressing, which would allow exudate to pool in the wound bed.
  • This gradual “wave” is gentler to the patient, increasing blood flow to the peri-wound and preventing ischemia. The changes in pressure are imperceptible to the patient, increasing patient comfort and compliance.
  • Without the sudden peaks in pressure from intermittent therapy, in-growth of the granulation tissue to the foam dressing is virtually eliminated which makes dressing changes less stressful and less painful to the patient.
Weight< 1.3 lbs< 1.65 lbs
Suction Capacity~ 4.0 Liters per Minute~ 5.2 to 6.4 Liters per Minute
Continuous & Variable Pressure
Whisper Quiet Operation
Supports Multiple Languages
5 Advanced Alerts Notification
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Lockable Controls
Global Regulatory Approved
Intensity Controls 
 Upgradeable for wireless capability  ✓

As a part of our commitment to deliver the highest quality NPWT systems in conjunction with the latest advancements in the medical field, our team of engineers are continually working hard to develop new and exciting features. 

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