MNS 400 Alternating Pressure Relief System

MNS 400 Alternating Pressure Relief System

MNS 400 Alternating Pressure Relief System:

The MNS 400 Pressure Relief system is designed for long term care and home settings. Its alternating pressure relief system or Genuine Low Air Loss system gently massages the epidermis while continually changing contact points with the skin's surface helping to eliminate the development of and provide easy and effective treatment for pressure ulcers.

The 80" x 35" (U.S.) and 76" x 35" (Eu.) mattress is constructed with eight inches of cell flotation, has multiple cycle settings ranging from five, ten or fifteen minutes, is easy to maintain and keep clean, has twenty individual nylon and TPU air cells for multiple low pressure zones and comes equipped with a CPR valve for quick emergency air release and three pump options for quick filling.

The Genadyne MNS 400 is a full-depth (8") powered alternating pressure air mattress replacement system which reduces interface pressure for the treatment of stage I to Stage IV pressure ulcers. The MNS 400 reduces interface pressures below capillary closure by alternating pressure in the 8-inch air cell bladders every 5, 10 or 15 minutes. The power unit control combines simplified operations with effective results. Portable, lightweight mattress replacement system fits most standard medical beds.


  • Single pump 50 liter per minute air flow
  • 6 individual 8" nylon air cells reduce interface pressure below capillary closure while providing low interface pressure over the entire alternating cycle.
  • Mattress cells can be set to alternate every 5, 10 or 15 minutes to reduce interface pressures
  • Waterproof, vapor permeable therapy pad provides a low friction surface
  • Durable vinyl bottom protects the mattress cell from any abrasive surface
  • Lower safety mattress supports the patient in the event of power failure
  • Durable lower transport mat for patient transport or power outages

User-Friendly Controls:

  • 10 pressure settings for patient comfort range
  • Power failure alarm, Low pressure alarm
  • Power unit is lightweight and compact
  • Soft touch, easy wipe, sealed keyboard
  • Dual connector rapid attach and CPR delate at the power unit


  • Model: MNS400
  • Power: 88~132/176~264 VAC, 47~63 Hz, 2A
  • Weight - Control Unit: 9 lbs. (4kg)
  • Weight - Mattress: 22 lbs.(10kg)
  • Maximum Patient Weight: 350lbs (160 kg)
  • Bariatric Model: 600lbs (273 kg)
  • Control Unit Dimensions: 11" (27 cm)W x 12.5" (31 cm) H x 5.25" (13 cm) D
  • Mattress Dimensions: 35" (89 cm) W x 80" (203cm) L x 8" (20 cm)
  • H (U.S.) 35" (89 cm) W x 76" (193cm) L x 8" (20 cm) H (Eu.)