ACT (Active Air Channel Technology)
ACT (Active Air Channel Technology)
ACT (Active Air Channel Technology)
ACT (Active Air Channel Technology)

ACT (Active Air Channel Technology)


The ACT (Active Air Channeling Technology) is Genadyne’s patented technological breakthrough in a non-powered support surface. The durable air suspension system delivers superior ake valves open allowing air to conform to the mattress for specific patient’s needs and comfort. The individual eight cells conform to the body and cradle the hips, therefore, preventing the patient from sliding. Shear relief is accomplished by the two-way-stretch cover, constructed of breathable waterproof material that fits loosely over the mattress. The ACT offers the most powerful combination of clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness on the market today.pressure relief. The ACT provides all the benefits of a dynamic pressure relieving system without any power source. The ACT is easy to operate, self-contained, and virtually maintenance-free.
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• Model: ACT (Patented by Genadyne)
• Cover: Two Way Stretch, Breathable & Waterproof
• Top Layer: Sensor* High Density Foam (optional Visco Elastic)
• Heel: Visco Elastic 5.5 Ib.
• Air Support: PU & Sensor* High Density Foam
• Air Zones: Multiple & Independent
• Dimensions: Length 75/80/84” Width: 32/35” Height: 8” Weight: 40lbs

This product complies with the basic requirements of the 93/42/EU regulations for medical products as well as to the safety requirements of the 89/33/EU EMC regulations

What is ACT?
ACT stands for Active -Air Channel Technology. This Genadyne patented support system dynamically channels air to respond to a person’s form providing the lowest possible interface pressure regardless of body weight, shape or size, all without the use of electrical motors and pumps.

How Does ACT Work?
ACT works through multiple intake valves and a patent pending manifold system that adjusts to your body weight and channels the air within the system until the optimum internal pressure is reached. Once the optimal internal pressure is reached, body weight displacement is maximized, which in turn minimizes interface pressure against the tissue.

How does the support surface reform?
Once weight is removed from the support system, a negative pressure (vacuum) is created inside the air cells. Atmospheric pressure forces air through the return valves, which fills or reforms the support system for the next load.

How long does it take for the system to reform?
The air cylinders should re-inflate within I minute.

Does cold or heat effect the performance of ACT?
Only extreme heat greater than 120⁰F degrees or cold less than 32⁰F degrees will effect performance.

What is the maximum weight for a patient that can be placed on an ACT system?
There is no weight restriction.

What sizes are ACT systems available in?
ACT systems are available in twin through king sizes or they can also be made in custom sizes.

When I raise the back of my bed will the ACT still work?
Yes, the system will still work in the latched position.

How should it feel when I lay down on an ACT surface?
Unlike traditional coil and innerspring mattress systems, you will notice that you slightly sink in to the mattress as it begins to conform to your body and cradle you. Pressure is taken off the traditional weight bearing parts of your body and displaced across the surface. Your spine will be in alignment and the mattress will conform to your body, instead of your body conforming to the mattress. You are now prepared for a restful period at the lowest possible interface pressures.