Non-powered Therapeutic Support Surfaces

The ACT (Active-Air Channel Technology)


The ACT (Active Air Channeling Technology) is a Patent pending technological breakthrough in a non-powered support surface. The durable air suspension system delivers superior pressure relief. The ACT provides all the benefits of a dynamic pressure relieving system without any power source. The ACT is easy to operate, self-contained, and virtually maintenance-free. The two one-way intake valves open allowing air to conform to the mattress for specific patient's needs and comfort. The individual eight cells conform to the body and cradle the hips, therefore, preventing the patient from sliding. Shear relief is accomplished by the two-way-stretch cover, constructed of breathable waterproof material that fits loosely over the mattress. The ACT offers the most powerful combination of clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness on the market today.

The Zone Seat System

Zone Self Zoning Pressure Relief Support Seating is the first, truly self zoning/positioning cushion. The three positioning valve can be adjusted manually into three support-zones to conform with the body, in turn, reducing peak pressure points and positioning the patient optimally across the entire seating surface without the use of an electric pump, motor or sensor.