Genadyne Nanogen Aktiv is a Bio-Cellulose nano-structured matrix made from organic nano-fibre. Totally natural fibre, derived from plants, based on polysaccharides composed of hemicelluloses protein. Its composition contains crucial healing agents. When applied to the wound site, it stimulates physiological responses accelerating the healing process. Inherently anti-microbial allowing the transmission of moisture, but not bacteria.

Genadyne Nanogen Aktigel is a gel created from the same plant extract as the Nanogen Aktiv. Crucial healing agents are suspended in a gel for quick absorption into the wound bed. Effectively antimicrobial, it provides a bacteriostatic environment in the wound; accelerating wound healing by delivering Nanogen fibers into the wound. The use of Nanogen Aktigel in conjunction with Nanogen Aktiv appears to enhance the performance of both products.